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Q: I don't know what I need! What should I ask for when I schedule?
A: No worries! I include your complimentary consultation directly before your appointment. After you fill out your paper work, we will go over your needs and we will decide together exactly what type of treatment you will want to proceed with. Almost all appointments can be completed within a one hour appointment time. We can change the treatment type, after the consultation. Please arrive 5 minutes early to fill out paperwork, so we will have plenty of time for your treatment.
Q: What if I scheduled the wrong thing for my skin?
A: No worries! As long as we have enough time, we can change the appointment to almost anything you decide. You will receive a free consultation with your appointment to help you decide.  *Exception: If you are interested in the 6 step, more time will be needed. Please let me know during your booking.
Q: Do you do separate consultations from the treatment?
A: No, only appointments receive a free consultation. If for some reason I cannot work on your skin due to disease or otherwise, I will let you know right away. 
Q: What's special or different about Cary Skin Care?  Why not go to a chain or day spa?
A: If you are looking for a place to relax and get multiple spa services, a well respected spa is definitely a better choice than Cary Skin Care. For large wedding parties & special occasions, spa resorts are unparalleled. However, most spas are limited to the types of skin treatments they perform. Each esthetician and location will vary. At Cary Skin Care my specialty is corrective skin care & maintenance. Whether it is acne, rosacea, anti-aging or maintenance, you will receive customized facials and skin care for your needs. Skin care is not a "one size fits all" program. We will work together to find the perfect facial treatments for your skin type and needs. At Cary Skin Care, I am focused on customizing each treatment, not limited to a spa menu. Being trained by medical personnel, I have more tools available than most chains. From ultrasonic, Chemical Exfoliations, enzymes, microdermabrasion to l.e.d., we can vary your treatment in various ways.

At Cary Skin Care, you will be dealing with only one person. I am here for my clients when they need me. As a client, you will have my personal cell phone to reach me for questions. I will try to return calls as quickly as possible between clients and after hours.

Q: What type of facial do I need?
A: First, decide if you want a traditional facial or a serious advanced resurfacing facial. There are so many facials to choose from. I can help you through this process or you can choose a facial for yourself. I will be available during your consultation to help answer any questions.

Q: What about consultations?
A: Consultations are included in the price of a treatment. If you need to ask questions before scheduling a treatment, you may schedule a complimentary phone consultation by calling my personal line 919-740-5494 and leaving a message. I will be happy to answer any questions over the phone. However, I do book up quickly and it may take several hours to return your call.

Q: Can I receive a treatment the same day of my consultation?
A: In most cases, yes. 

Q: Is there paperwork? Should I arrive early?
A: Absolutely! Please download necessary forms by going to the tab marked hours & appts and download there. I can also email your paperwork. If unable to download, please email me and Please plan on coming in 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to fill out necessary paperwork. This helps me understand your skin, allergies etc. you may have. Also, we can spend more time focusing on your treatment.

Q: What is a resurfacing/regenerating facial?
A: In this group is the Triple Treatment, Quad Treatment, microdermabrasion, ultrasound, Chemical Exfoliations and/or enzymes & L.E.D. While these facials are both exfoliating and cleansing, they are in no way like traditional facials. This type of facial belongs in the clinical group. Here is where the experience of clinical esthetics comes in to play. You tell me your goals & I will help you decide what is appropriate for your skin type.

Q: What if I have sensitive skin?
A: I work constantly with sensitive skin types. I have several different modalities and tools, including Hydro-Dermabrasion water used like microdermabrasion, the lift machine facial and l.e.d. light therapy. I have seen several treatments build up sensitive skin types over the years, including rosacea and dry, sensitive or hyper-reactive skin. With these latest tools, all skin types can participate in anti-aging, acne and hyperpigmentation programs.

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