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Name:  Kathy L.
Date: Wednesday November 4, 2015
Comment: Love my skin, make up (sheer tint) all your products- you're a miracle worker!  thank you for all you do!

Name:  Dhanya P.
Date: Saturday October 31, 2015
Comment: perfect thanks. U can repeat what u did this time. I love the results. Skin is looking great this time. Best so far! 

Name:  Nicole L.
Date: Saturday October 17, 2015
Comment: It was so great to meet you today!! I had the best time & my skin already looks good! Thank you & have a great weekend!! 

Name:  Kathy L.
Date: Saturday October 17, 2015
Comment: So happy!! Xoxoxo luv my neck!!!

Name:  Joan F.
Date: Sunday, September 27, 2015
Comment: Thanks.  Like new payment system. (Makes product pickups) Really easy.

Name:  Diana D.
Date: Sunday, September 27, 2015
Comment: I am amazed too! Thank you!

Name:  Sally W.
Date: Friday, September 25, 2015
Comment: My face looks so good today! Thank you!

Name:  Terri S.
Date: Saturday, August 12 , 2015
Comment: I trust Melanie. She is calming, patient and knowledgable. She does a fantastic job. Worth the drive from Greensboro

Name:  Marsha R.
Date: Friday, June, 2015
Comment: Hey, just letting you know my skin looks so different (after treatment today) I can really see it. Can I make an (another) appt ?

Name:  Barbara DeMarsh
Date: Friday, November 7, 2014
Comment: What a wonderful experience. I look and feel great. Thank you, Melanie, I will be back for more!

Name: Susan Balke
Date: Sunday, November 2, 2014
Comment: Just had a waitress tell me I had a beautiful complexion. ...told her it is because you take care of it for me! Susan Balke 11/2/14

Name: Allison N.
Date: Sunday, November 2, 2014 5:49pm
Comment: My skin is so much better since my last appointment. I can't wait to watch it continue to improve! Thanks!

Name: Judy C.
Date: Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Comment: My skin looks GREAT!!

Name: Elaine D.
Date: Friday, August 22, 2014
Comment: Hi Melanie,
Remember me from HV.(Hendersonville) You are still my hero.
Skin is flawless.

Name: Krista P.
Date: Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Comment: Wanted to let you know that Brian commented on how healthy and young my skin looks. He's never said that after a facial so Thank you!
Name: Jill W.
Date: May 18, 2013 6:48PM
Comment: Hi Melanie... Just wanted you to know that my eyes along with my face look great!!!!! Wow, you're doing an excellent job! Thank u. Jill

Name: Linda B., Asheville, NC 
Date: Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 8:10 AM 
Comment: Hey Melanie
I got the Vi peel last Tues. Still did not peel as much with it as I did your peels. In fact, very little peeling. I usually get a vitalize peel every month maybe is why or could be cause we did not really go overboard with the pressure applying the towelettes. With the Vi Peel you have 2 towelettes you have to use at home the night of and the next night. The kit also comes with a one ounce size of moisture cream and sunscreen to use. For me the Vi peel would not be worth the price $250 except maybe once a year. I have been told Dr McCutcheon also does them for $350. 
Just wanted to pass on this info to you
I miss you terribly. Your clients down there just do not realize what a jewel they have!

Name: Susan B.
Comment: Melanie has taken my 49 year old face back 10 years.  I get constant compliments from family, friends and acquaintances that I do not look my age.  I owe every bit of that to Melanie's care and regime that is tailored for me.  Melanie is a top-notch Esthetician and I absolutely love the results she has provided to me over the last year!

Name: Courtney F.
Comment: I have been suffering from adult acne for the last three years and have tried just about everything imaginable. To make matters worse, I’m getting married in October and wanted my skin to be the way it was before in time for the wedding. After being completely frustrated and thinking there was no hope, I found the Cary Skin Care website, and thought it’s worth a try. I have been seeing Melanie since July, and my skin is almost clear. She is listens to all of the things I had tried, she takes the time to customize a regiment for each patient. (Mine has been a little stronger because of the October deadline.) Melanie is great at what she does, and cares about her patients. My fiancé is in the military and I have not seen him since May, and I’m so excited to show him how clear my skin is. Thank you Melanie for helping to feel pretty again just in time for the big day!!

Name:  Stephanie O.
Date: December 7, 2011 09:06 AM
Comment:  Hi Melanie, I just wanted to say thank you for changing your plans and taking the time for me yesterday - I look like a new person! Worth EVERY penny - thank you, thank you, thank you - I will definitely be back for more!
Name:  Barbara DeMarsh
Date: Friday, November 7, 2014
Comment: What a wonderful experience. I look and feel great. Thank you, Melanie, I will be back for more!

Name: Melissa (Missy) Pampel 
Date: October 28, 2011 09:01 pm
Comment: I used to go to Melanie when she had Corrective Skin Care in Hendersonville NC. Not only did she help my skin she was a great friend! Need her help now!!! Hormonal acne and WRINKLES! Please let Melanie know that I need her help and miss her.

Name: Pam
Date: Monday, June 14, 2011 04:21 pm
Comment: Awesome!  Melanie is one of kind and will customize your treatments. Her personal commitment to your treatment is beyond any you will find anywhere along with her knowledge of her skin care products.
The very best!

Name: Emily D.
Date:  Monday, June 07, 2010 09:21 pm
Comment:I got a facial from Melanie a few weeks ago and my skin looks amazing! She really knows what she is doing. I will never go elsewhere. It was only my first time and I see really good results. I like how she really takes her time to give great results! Go see Melanie...you will love her!
Melanie is just plain AWESOME

Internet User Reviews
Posted by:ryder33 

Date: Sep 03 2008

Subject: Wonderful Aesthetician!

I have had problems with my skin breaking out, scarring and out of balance for a long time. I have had alot of facials and alot of products recommended to me that did not do anything for my skin. I went to Melanie hoping to figure out my problems and she has been amazing. All the reveiws here are true! She has made my skin look great and has helped all of the issues that I had. The product line she uses is great, and never has made me break out, or irritate my skin. And the anti-aging products give awesome results. Melanie is very knowledgable and knows what to do to get results. I would recommend her to anyone. She also is a great person! Thanks Melanie!


highly skilled, affordable, professional 

Cary Skin Care 
User Reviews

Posted by:celertias

Date: Nov 12 2008

Subject: If you have adult acne, you must see Melanie at Cary Skin Care!

Three months before my wedding, I contacted Melanie after a disppointing visit to the Duke Center for Aesthetics. My skin was severely broken out and I was devastated. Prior to making the appointment, she promptly answered my email requesting additional information about the products she uses (not animal tested). At my request, she called me to discuss treatment options and even gave me advice to begin treating my acne at home prior to our first visit. She tailored my treatment based on my acne, skin type and high sensitivity. She listens very carefully and pays close attention to your skin's reactions during treatments. Furthermore, she understands what it is like to have adult acne. Melanie is incredibly intuitive and skilled in her profession. She puts all of her kind heart into her work. I did not have a single raised blemish on my wedding day:)


Results, Very Fair pricing, Wonderful Person



Cary Skin Care 
User Reviews 
Posted by:stefania23

Date: May 12 2008

Subject: Everyone else was telling me that they couldn't do much to help....

Melanie was able to treat my VERY SEVERE acne scars, when every other dermatolgist and aesthetician told me that there really wasn't much hope. I had very deep, crater-like scars and extreme colour contrast on my face due to hypo and hyperpigmentation. Through a serious of intense microdermabrasion treatments followed by a mid-depth chemical peel, my scars went from deep concave "holes" to nearly flat, MUCH less noticable imperfections on my skin. My skin tone was evened out as she gradually minmized the appearance of hyperpigmented areas. Overall, I notice that my skin is much softer and clearer, since the callous-like layer of sun-damaged skin was removed completely. Melanie was very attentive to my individual needs, and went out of her way to tailer her services to address the particularly complicated problems that I had. I feel very lucky to have found her, and would WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend her to anyone looking for anything - from a simple freshening up of their skin to treatment of more serious scarring or coloration problems. Her fees were very reasonable, much lower than many others due to the fact that she works on her own rather than as someone else's employee and is therefore not required to pay a percentage of her fees to "the house." Melanie is reliable, trustworthy, constantly expanding her knowledge and skills in the field of medical aesthetics and skin care products, willing and qualified to use new techniques and products, and perhaps most importantly she is honest about the likely/realistic level of improvement that a client can expect - she does not promise results that she cannot deliver and she gives 110% effort to achieving real results for her clients.


Cary Skin Care 
User Reviews

Posted by:temchi

Date: May 08 2008

Subject: Better than a dermatologist

I went to see Melanie for the first time this week after reading the glowing reviews on CitySearch. I can understand why the review were so good. Melanie took a lot of time asking me about what skin concerns I had. She was very knowledgeable and proceeded to give me the four in one facial treatment with lots of explanations about what she was doing/how it would feel, etc. She took her time with me so much so that the folks in the outer office had already turned off the lights when I went to leave! I could see an immediate difference in the way my skin looked after the treatment. She even called me at home the next day to make sure I didn't have any questions/concerns. When was the last time a dermatologist gave you a personal phone call? Compared to a dermatogist visit ,this was money well spent. I will definitely go back.


Very personal service + evident results



Cary Skin Care Reviews
 I had no idea!!‎ - c w.‎ - May 12, 2008
I had no idea what was going on with my complexion. All I knew is that it was out of control. After doing some research I learned of Cary Skin Care, the owner- Melanie was highly recommended. All it took was one visit and I knew ...
 Master Esthetician, Great Service,...‎ - AWI-CMP‎ - May 4, 2008
> My treatments started with Melanie when she was still working for another company. My situation was that I had lost muscle tone in my face due cancer in the jaw. Melanie sat me down and said lets try and see what we can do for you. Not knowing just what was going to work since I also have a thyroid problem we started our quest. Because my skin is not sensitive and we were able to do deep Vitamin C peels which requires a great deal of knowledge from Melanie. This type of peels really lifts the lines from a person's face, that only a master esthetician is able to perform. We continued with the peel, micro and added the ultrasound & light therapy. What a difference it has made. But I didn't realize the depth of my improvement until one day when I met up with an old friend > that I haven't seen for about a year. The first thing they said to me was "What have you done to your face, it looks sooooooo good, did you have a face lift"? > What a wonderful feeling I had at that moment. However it has sadden me that Melanie left WNC but I have made the to drive Cary and it isn't really that far away. I see now why Melanie choose Cary the people are so nice and friendly, not to mention that Melanie makes every effort to work me in her schedule knowing that I'm driving from Asheville. 

 Microdermabrasion-you won't be...‎ - awi-cfw‎ - Apr 20, 2008
I have been going to Melanie since she first open her business in Asheville, NC 7 years ago, we completed a profile of my goals and we achieved each and every one. I now have eye brows and when we started I had hardly any! In fact, I now also go to her for eyebrow waxing and tinting. The triple treatment (microdermabrasion, peel & ultrasound) did the trick for me. I highly recommend her maintenance program. Your skin feels so clean, soft and new skin cells are developed which provides that youthful look everyone is seeking. Melanie provides many other services like skin tag & age spot removal. You can purchase products that are healthy and safe for your skin. Melanie researches each and every product before bringing it into to the store Before she carries them, she wants to know what the products will do and if they will be safe for her clients. Melanie is continually seeking new and better products in order to serve her customers. She is very knowledgeable about the latest technology and very dedicated to her clients and profession. You will not be dissatisfied. Melanie is worth my drive from Asheville and it allows me a nice pampered long weekend. Also, look for her special packages that she provides. You will find that you get more for your money that way! 
I have been going to Melanie since she first open her business in Asheville, NC 7 years ago, we completed a profile of my goals and we achieved each and every one. I now have eye brows and when we started I had hardly any! The triple treatment (microdermabrasion, peel & ultrasound) did the trick for me. I highly recommend her maintenance program. Your skin feels so clean, soft and new skin cells are developed which provides that youthful look everyone is seeking

 Quality Skincare with a Personal Touch - Kathy K.‎ - Jul 9, 2008
I started seeing Melanie years ago at the Asheville Skincare Center. I was thrilled with the care I received from her. I watched over the years as her business grew, along with her desire to provide optimum care for her clients. ...

 The Best
 - Mary B.‎ - Apr 27, 2008
Raleigh is so lucky to have Melanie move to the area and we are so unlucky to have lost her. At 61 my aging skin was suffering from sun damage, age spots and lack of elasticity. After micro-skin abrasion, peel and ultrasound along with ...

 The new girl in town brings fabulous results! - Melanie B.‎ - Apr 16, 2008
I will follow Melanie to Cary or wherever she opens a skin care clinic. She is the best! If you have ever had a facial, peel, micro, etc., you will be able to tell instantly that this is a world class experience. ...

The Best Aesthetician
 - Linda B.‎ - Apr 23, 2008
I have been a client of Melanie's every month for six years. She is by far the best aesthetician I have ever known. She has done facials, microdermabrasion, peels, and ultrasound on my face. I would totally trust her to do any procedure on my face. She never sells any product without first using it. I miss Melanie terribly, however: I wish her the best in the Raleigh area. As far as I am concerned, the Raleigh area has just gotten the best aesthetician there is. Pros: excellent service Cons: None ‎
 Best quality skin care in Cary - vicki f.‎ - Apr 16, 2008
I was looking for a way to get rid of age spots, uneven texture, sun damage, red spots---and I wanted pores that were not the size of a bus. You will be pleasantly surprised that you can receive this quality of skin care treatments ...

Great skincare
 - Betsy A.‎ - Apr 16, 2008
Melanie does a great job personalizing her facials. She is up on the latest research and training and shares it. She treated my blemishes as well providing excellent anti-aging. My kids loved her ,too. ...

Personalized skincare - Review by efap on 04-16-2008

I've used Melanie for about two years and she is great. She has a very personal "medical" approach meaning she keeps up with the latest products and training and is very sanitary. She also treated my teenage children with great success. I liked how my treatments evolved as we faced different problems with my skin. Great for anti-aging! 

Ageless skin -  Review by YEAHforCarySkin on 04-16-2008

As a mature woman, I was looking for someone who understood aging skin - especially Southern aging skin - skin that had seen too many sunny beaches and not enough moisturizer. Melanie personalized my skin care to bring back the glow of youth. She uses a medically sounds based regimen of procedures and topicals. What a fabulous result! And she is so easy to talk to - about skin care or anything. She was part of our family almost from my first session. I have been to spas and skin care clinics all over the country and have never found better, more professional skin care than with Melanie. This is an experience you will want to repeat regularly. Ask her about the best cosmetics for your skin type while you're there. Pros: personalized to your skin condition, able to discuss any imperfections and find a treatment Cons: you'll want to come back every week


Name: Betty E.
Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at 2:18pm
Comment: Skin looking and feeling better.

Name: Julie M.
Friday, December 13, 2013
Comment: Thank you!! My skin has a " glow" back. 

Name: Susan B, Cary, NC
Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2013 at 6:22am
Comment: Melanie, I peeled really good this time, now my skin looks awesome, just in time to go home for Thanksgiving like you said.  You are the best esthetician ever! Susan 

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