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The Lift & Tone Machine - Microcurrent 

Stimulates Muscles to Tone & Lift. Also, stimulates Collagen & Elastin for Additional Anti-Aging Support for Visible Tightening & Firming both Facial & Neck Areas. A Natural Facelift Alternative.

The MicroCurrent Lift & Tone unit sends low frequency current to stimulate muscle tissues underneath the skin. The unit has pre-set programs that massage and tone the muscle during treatment. It exercises the muscle fibers with light electro pulses thereby lifting and toning the jaw, neck, and facial tissues. The skin tone of the face will improve proportionately as the muscles are exercised and tightened and restore the skins natural elasticity and texture.
"It is the total workout for the prevention of aging that improves your skin's health."

Skin For Life!: "Most women do not like the extended recovery period associated with surgical procedures. Majority of women want the perfect instantaneous treatment that delivers excellent long term results. This is a procedure that you may incorporate with your injections like Botox™ and or fillers such as Radiesse® to obtain a youthful, sculpted look that you desire. For women that do not want those extra boosts, this treatment will have the advantage of enhancing their natural beauty by refreshing, restructuring, and replenishing their features for a vibrant youthful appearance.

It is all about getting fit, healthy, and getting your quality of life back.

Can be used with other machines for better results.  
For best results, or to try out the microcurrent, we recommend purchasing a triple treatment, quad or 6 step treatment and adding the tropoelastin infusion to the signature treatment. See Pricing Here
For Strongest & Most Lasting Benefits, Add Tropoelastin Infusion a human bioengineered elastin identical to our own-infused painlessly.

Add this to Replace up to 2 Years of Your Elastin Loss When Infused Properly (if over age 40) 

Or Call us to save more on our Special Tropoelastin Infusion Package Pricing

These may be done every 1 week apart for best results

Non Invasive, No down time
Benefits from Just One Session
*Series Recommended Strongest Results
Treatments can be done 2-10 days apart.

Clinical studies have consistently shown that Micro Current causes

  • 35% increase in production of glucose
  • 40% increase in number of elastin fibers in the dermis
  • 50% increase in the length of elastin fibers
  • 10% increase in collagen thickness of the connective tissue
  • 35% increase in the number of blood vessels
  • 28% increase in lymphatic drainage

 More Technical Questions and Answers 

The following are optimal suggested guidelines for frequency of treatment:

Benefits are multiplied when frequency is increased. Benefits are also multiplied when other machines or elastin infusion is added. Also, longer time between sessions can be done if needed, if tropoelastin is added to series.
NOTE: Benefits are still present with just 1 treatment.
  • 20 – 30 years old: Preventative, to slow down the aging process
  • 30 – 35 years old: Initial series of 6, once per week
    Maintenance every 6-8 weeks
  • 35 – 40 years old: Initial series of 8-10, once to twice per week
    Maintenance every 6-8 weeks
  • 40 – 50 years old: Initial series of 10-12, once to twice per week
    Maintenance every 4-6 weeks
  • 50 – 60 years old: Initial series of 12-15, once to twice per week
    Maintenance every 4-6 weeks
  • 60 plus years old: Initial series of 15-18, ideally twice per week
    Maintenance every 4 weeks
  • Perfect for special occasions or a quick pick-me-up for an instant lift lasting up to two days.
  • Excellent for post surgical facelift to help maintain the lift (after healing)

Individuals with the following should not receive microcurrent:

  • Pacemaker
  • Pregnancy
  • Thrombosis
  • Phlebitis
  • Epilepsy
  • Cancer