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CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical permanent 1-2 hour fat removal procedure.*
The information contained in this web site is for educational purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified medical provider for all medical problems prior to starting any new treatment.

I have uploaded my pictures to show you the process. (Double click picture for enlargement & description)  

I have not shown the after pics from the last upper ab. I will post this when I heal.
Also, some reviews I have read people complain too early!! I had to wait 4-6 months for anything to really look different. It will be about a year when I upload the last result because I couldn't afford to do them all at once. I spaced them out. Also, this gives the body time to tighten the skin. (the skin can look like fat when it folds over.)
The 1st picture is the machine suctioning up the fat into a cooling chamber that they said safely freezes the fat. Next, is the 2nd picture of the frozen fat. This is totally numb. It feels like a stick of butter. The tech now massages the fat for 2 reasons. One reason is they said the freezing forms sharp crystals that help to kill more fat cells & secondly, to get your area flat & look normal again. (I would definitely wear elastic pants!)
The 3rd picture shows how red my skin looked right after the massage.
The 4th picture is before ANY procedures for the tummy or love handles were done.
The 5th picture is right after this tummy procedure AND 8 weeks after the love handles were done.

CoolSculpting® is a non-surgical permanent fat removal procedure that has been featured on Dr. Oz a couple of times now.

I will post more pictures later when it has been over 3-4 months. (90% finished of the dead fat cells have been processed by this time I'm told)

I did the the love handles in December 2011 and this is the tummy in February 2012 (after the love handles). So this is both a before picture for the tummy and after picture for the love handles!

I  found that it took 11 or 12 weeks before the fat seems to be significantly reduced. I noticed the change in love handles in this after picture from my tummy procedure because it has been almost 8 weeks here. You must be patient! The lymphatic system takes awhile to naturally dispose of all of the dead fat cells.

Q & A:*
The information contained in this web site is for educational purposes only and is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physicianor other qualified medical provider for all medical problems prior to starting any new treatment.
1. Does it hurt? Well, some say yes, but I didn't think so. It was a little uncomfortable in the beginning both when the cold gel pad is placed on & when the suction first started. After my skin numbed up, I felt nothing. I had one little bruise the size of a dime from the suction. The only other time I felt pain was during the massage afterward. I think it was because it was coming out from being numb.

2. Is it safe? FDA cleared this procedure. Every paper and study I've read said that this is the safest fat removal procedure available.
3. Is it permanent? Everything I have read said has confirmed this! This is permanent destruction of fat cells. The doctors want you to maintain your weight and exercise so you will keep it looking good. (don't forget, this isn't a weight loss program, you can still get fat in other areas!)
4. Can anyone do it? I've read doctors want you to be within a certain range to be happy with the results. This is part of the consultation. Currently, the doctors office I went to will give you a free consultation.
5. What is the average cost? The average cost is
$1500 for the large vacuum (2.5 times more suction of fat than the smaller size) The other size is $700 and used for each side of the love handles. Also, if your hips are small, like mine, you will get the smaller size for the abs too. Most people can use the large size. At 2 1/2 times the small size, it can grab side fat too!! See below for discounts with my doctors office.
6. How does it compare to Zerona? According to Real Self. Zerona melts the fat cells, CoolSculpting by Zeltiq PERMANENTLY freezes and destroys the fat cells. Secondly, only 43% of people  on Real Self were satisfied with Zerona's results vs 76% satisfaction with Zeltiq's Coolsculpting. (of 65 reviews posted as of March 2012) Also, I personally have not read many plastic surgeons that recommend Zerona. I've seen them offering Coolsculpting/Zeltiq and liposuction techniques most frequently. I personally did not want to go through the risks and cost of liposuction!
7. Would I do it again? Absolutely, without hesitation!  But, I would go to a professional, as all prices are pretty much standard across the board. I have been told Zeltiq charges the doctor about $125 each time the machine is used, even if they own it. (Even with "pop offs". So, sit still! Once the suction is on really good you can move a TINY bit)

Here are the basics:

1) It takes the machine one hour for each section. (You have to be able to grab about 2" of fat) A vacuum "sucks" the fat into the hand piece and freezes the fat between 2 panels. (it is very cold at first but didn't hurt) Works great on love handles, muffin tops & abs. I'm trying the inner thighs next! It's clincially proven to destroy 20-25% of fat cells. They said this is per treatment! I've been told a lot of people only need one treatment to be happy but I'm going for two. I'm posting more pics in the summer for you.

2) I relaxed one hour (or more, if more than one place is being treated) while the machine freezes the fat cells. They said your body then removes them safely & naturally in 2-6 months. (I know it takes patience but it did work!) I am told this is PERMANENT fat cell death and removal. I am told it has been shown that clinically 20-25% are destroyed PER treatment. Some people only need one treatment. You have to ask your doctor for his/her recommendations. Some people get 2-3 treatments. It depends on what you want, what your doctor recommends and how much fat is available for removal. They said you need to be able to pinch about 2" for it to suck up into the machine. They said that if the fat is too integrated into the muscle, it will not work. (like the outer thighs on some people) This is because the machine doesn't have a strong enough vacuum for that. (Also, it isn't supposed to the damage nerves, muscles etc.)

3) I was told there are absolutely no diet or special restrictions. I immediately worked out that day. I just had a little numbness for a few weeks. The FDA paper I read said there were no significant changes in cholestrol levels, liver or nerves. However, I was numb in some areas for over a month! I decided it was not too much to ask for for permanent fat removal!

1. Wear something loose! I was very swollen!

2. I noticed if the fat is uneven, the doctor will to look at you to see where the machine needs to go. Sometimes the fat will be in uneven places and he can draw where it needs to go.

3. Be prepared for it to be VERY cold at first and uncomfortable until the suction has completed in the     beginning of the cycle.

4. I realized you DON'T want to twist or move a lot. This will cause a "pop off" and shut the machine down. My tech gave me "call button". That way if you drop something out of reach they come in and get it.

5. Relax and be patient. This is the hardest thing to do after 1-2 months of not seeing results. Remember: the fat has died and the body needs to flush out the dead fat cells. I drank lots of water 64 ounces a day even when I didn't feel like it. It really does take 3-6 months for the fat to be gone, it was totally worth waiting for! (I had to remember not to over eat though!) The skin also looks a little funny during the process. Mine did shrink back to normal but it was pretty elastic for a long time.

6. I would personally research different offices.  Good Luck and Be Patient!